Why ClarionAccess®️?

Our platform provides tangible benefits throughout your product’s lifecycle and across your company and stakeholders – from engineers to sales and marketing, from the C-suite to your end users.

We have a team of dedicated instructional design content including video production ready to build a customized safety training plan that’s right for you. By working together and with our safety standards consultants, we can deliver personalized and effective training that can reduce liability exposure, increase business efficiency, and create a more organized learning environment.


Clarion Safety's priority is protecting people – and helping companies meet their liability/compliance and business objectives.


Increase end user safety with the latest standards compliant custom-developed safety resources and training, tailored to your product.


Boost operational efficiency with one central, online hub that marketing, technical or customer service teams can point to for all equipment-related needs.

Competitive Advantage

Improve customer experience and satisfaction with easy access to all product information – from safety to service to accessories.

Advantages of Customized Safety Training through ClarionAccess®️?

  • A learning management system that provides equal opportunity education for machine operators and safety managers.
  • Comprehensive safety instructions, lesson guides, and maintenance procedures in an easy to access format.
  • Reduced liability through customized quizzes that help ensure user understanding of all equipment operations and procedures.
  • Digitized, user-friendly safety materials for essential items like service manuals, product part documents, and a safety label index.

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Discover More

Highlights of the ClarionAccess®️ platform include giving your customer easy access to:

  • All product information, documentation and resources
  • Product-specific, customized safety training with certificates of completion for end users
  • Custom-developed video and illustrations to inform on safe usage and reinforce training with voiceover instructions for visual and auditory learning
  • Illustrations designed to inform on specific product parts and their safe usage
  • Responsive content design that can fit every screen for an enhanced learning experience
  • Tech support and service requests
  • Ordering of parts and accessories
  • Product updates or marketing related notices through push messages

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ClarionAccess® helps support more efficient product organization, support and marketing. And, that means real improvements to your budget – and bottom line. Use the slider on this tool to calculate your potential savings.


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What Our Clients Say

Here’s why marketers, product managers and engineers love Clarion Safety and ClarionAccess®.

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Have Any Questions?

Find answers to some of the questions that may be on your mind about Clarion Safety and ClarionAccess®.

What is ClarionAccess®?

ClarionAccess® is a safety training and product management tool. It empowers today’s OEM’s by bridging the gap between the product and end user needs – ultimately driving efficiency, accessible training, safer products, and reduced liability risk. Essentially, it allows you to have a central hub for all of your product information – and to easily share that hub with your customers.

How exactly does ClarionAccess® work?

In addition to your on-product warnings, Clarion Safety provides a QR code label to apply to your product. When your customer scans the QR code, it opens your product’s ClarionAccess® platform.
Here’s a detailed look at how ClarionAccess® works:
1. The first step is full service label program optimization, using Clarion Safety standards knowledge and application expertise. Rest assured your labels have effective messaging, the right material for the application, comply with the standards and regulations you need to meet, and are optimized for the best cost structures.
2. Next, you receive a kit of all the labels needed for your product or machine: safety labels, logo labels, nameplates, certification labels, and more! Kits are packaged to best suit your application needs – from roll-form to kiss-cut sheets to individual labels. Your label kit includes a QR code label to place on your product.
3. When your customer scans the QR code on the product, they access your personalized ClarionAccess® platform, which Clarion Safety has built to your specifications to include all key product documents and resources.

What product documents and resources can I include on my ClarionAccess® platform?

The types of product information and documentation you can make available is almost unlimited, as long as it can be provided through a document (PDF) or URL.
For other special requests, let us know what you have in mind and so that we can work together on a solution.
Below is a look at the sections of the platform and the types of information our customers typically include in each.

Section of the Platform What it is What to Include
Labels and Symbols List of symbols used in your on-product warnings, along with their meaning We’ve got you covered; we’ll provide this information based on your warnings. Plus, we can work with you on a label assessment to ensure best practices before moving ahead.
Safety Training Product-specific safety training with certificates of completion and custom quizzing We’ve got you covered; we’ll develop this content for you based on your product and warnings.
Product Manuals Resources related to servicing and operating your product - Technical/service/operating manuals
- Maintenance and cleaning instructions
- Product-related videos
Servicing and Parts Information related to servicing and parts for your product - Instructions related to servicing and cleaning your product
- Ordering info for parts, accessories or cleaning supplies
- Sales contact information
Product Documents Any documents of your choosing related to your product - Warranties
- Compliance certifications
  • Conflict materials
  • RoHS
  • Reach
  • UL
Useful Resources Any other pertinent info related to your product - FAQs
- Accessories
- Videos
- Recipes

Can I customize my ClarionAccess® platform?

Absolutely, it’s your platform! And, it’s fully customizable. We provide a turnkey platform, working with you to make it your own. Here are a few of the options available to you:

  • Make your platform an extension of your brand with your logo and accent colors, and images of your product
  • Include multiple products/models in the same platform
  • Translate the platform to other languages including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian
  • Include custom safety training such as videos or multi-media training Clarion Safety also provides consulting services to support your needs related to custom training, safety manuals, and risk assessment.

What are the benefits of ClarionAccess® for myself, my team and my end users?

The platform has many benefits for OEM’s, from engineers to marketing to your C-suite, as well as for your customers.
Here are some of the big picture benefits for your team:

  • Engineers
    • Ensured use of best practice, effective on-product warnings
    • Increased safety/decreased liability risk due to training focus
    • Improved product efficiency with access to all documents in one central location
  • Marketing/sales
    • Improved communication with customers – before, during and after a sale – giving them easy access to product resources and marketing materials
    • Differentiation from competitors, including making your customer’s experience a competitive advantage that truly sets you apart
    • Cost-savings related to document printing, bringing key resources online
  • Purchasing
    • Cost-savings and efficiency improvements related to label assessments
  • Support
    • Improved customer service, product support and maintenance with immediate access to tech support, ordering information, recalls, product manuals and more
  • Compliance/risk stakeholders
    • Ensured use of best practice, effective warnings
    • Increased safety/decreased liability risk with supplemental training at the end user level
    • Better documentation of product/compliance information
  • Executives/C-suite
    • Competitive advantage related to support and customer satisfaction, potentially increasing market share
    • Cost-savings related to label use, operations, marketing and support
    • Increased safety/reduced risk of accidents, which can hurt brand reputation and result in costly lawsuits
Here are some of the benefits for your customers:
  • Reinforcement of safety through tailored training programs – reducing the potential for injuries – and advanced liability protection by documenting completed trainings
  • Quick and easy access to information
  • Improved communication with your company, from service inquiries to replacement part orders to as-it-happens push messages

Who is Clarion Safety – and why did we create ClarionAccess®?

At Clarion Safety, our mission is simple: protecting people from harm while reducing business risk for our customers. We’ve spent the past 30+ years working with companies like yours, identifying better ways to warn. Now, we’re bringing our solutions to the next level with ClarionAccess®. No one knows the business of safety like Clarion Safety. We offer:

  • 30 years of safety expertise
  • Commitment to standards compliance
  • The highest quality label and printing products for every need and application
  • Competitive pricing and cost saving benefits
  • World-class customer service and support
To learn more, visit our website at clarionsafety.com.


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